Welding Equipment
This array of Welding Equipments is reckoned for its long lasting quality, ease of handling and high output level. Offered in different specifications, these products are used for MIG and arc welding procedures.
Victor Gas Cutting & Welding Equipments
Victor Gas Cutting & Welding Equipments are reckoned for their precise look and high efficiency level. These are equipped with built in flashback arrestor, welding torch and steel pipes. Quality of these tools has been verified on the basis of their service life and output.
Fire Safety Equipment
This range of Fire Safety Equipments has been developed from premium grade gunmetal or stainless steel. Compact in shape, these cost effective products has been designed as per industry specified norms.
Tri Clover Fittings
Triclover Fittings have extensive applications in pharmacy, dairy, chemical and water treatment fields. These are corrosion and wear proof. Long lasting quality, compact shape and excellent sealing attributes are their main aspects.
Metal Fasteners
Metal Fasteners have been designed as per ISO and ANSI specifications. These fastening solutions have been developed from mild steel and stainless steel. These are totally corrosion protected and abrasion proof.
Pipe Fittings
Provided ergonomically designed Pipe Fittings have been designed as per ASTM specifications. These fitting accessories have been designed from premium grade brass, PP and stainless steel materials. High strength and precise diameter are their key features.
Lifting Equipments
Provided Lifting Equipments are known for their solid shape, mirror polished or galvanized surface and high load enduring capacity. Design of these equipments conforms to ISO, JIS or ANSI specifications.
Normex Valve
Normex Valves are reckoned for their application specific design and high strength. These are equipped with standard accessories like fastener, strainer  and sealing ring that are made of cast iron, carbon steel and nitrile material.
Industrial Valves
Provided array of Industrial Valves is used to manage flow level of fluids, stream and gas transferred through pipelines. Compact shape, solid body and standard thickness are some of the key characteristics of these assortment of products.
PPE Safety Products
PPE Safety Products have been developed as per CE specifications. These are 1.5 mm thick and their length ranges between 11 inches to 15 inches. Provided materials can be used under specific temperature and pressure level.
Champion Gasket Packing
Champion Gasket Packings are used as indispensable sealing parts of automotive parts, home appliances and mechanical components.  These have been designed as per BS and IS norms. Offered packings are reckoned for their excelling anti aging attributes.

Export Countries :- Uae, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan Egypt, Oman, Iraq, Israel Full, Africa, Azerbaijan, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Comoros
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